Saturday, February 23, 2013

Scrappy Trip

 I've been slowly working on the Instagram sensation-Scrappy Trip Along-I don't know how those other quilters get done so quickly, most of them are young Mom's, I guess they stay up late and they are faster sewers than I am!
 I am using mostly scraps for this, I bought a few new fabrics.  But I'm really trying to work from what I have.

 I've never made one of these so I'm not sure how the finished product should look, I'm going with the red/coral/pink as my outside diagonal.
I have 21 squares to finish, and then for the fun part-putting them all together!


  1. Looking lovely - great fabric choices/combos.

  2. That's really so wonderful! I also try to work with the things I have. It's much more cheaper, you know. The fabric is expensive nowadays.